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Lafarge makes great efforts to minimize the impact of its activity on the environment.


The rehabilitation of quarries after extraction of the raw materials, measuring and monitoring of environmental performance indicators, the protection of fauna and flora... Lafarge constantly focuses on all these and related aspects in its activity.




Mining industry requires strict environmental control and efficient usage of treatment systems. In Lafarge Aggregates Ukraine environmentally friendly procedures are applied to provide environmental preservation and stability:


  • Quality (ISO 9001) and environmental (ISO 14001) management systems implementation;
  • Dedusting systems for air cleaning are installed on aggregates facilities. Site specialists are constantly working on the optimization, modernization and efficiency of dust exhaust systems;
  • Every year planting of greenery on sites as well as planting of trees on quarry slopes and dumps to reduce dust in the summer period;
  • Regular irrigation of site road network, quarry dumps and slopes in the summer period;
  • Measures to reduce dust not only in the air but at work places;
  • The quantity reduction of explosives usage and TNT replacement for water emulsion, as well as the involvement of new typed drilling machines with dust absorbation cameras;
  • Continuous water and energy consumption monitoring;
  • To prevent and eliminate spillages into the soil, aggregates sites follow instruction for handling with oil and fuel, conduct regular inspections of site and work areas and use modern spillage kits;
  • Waste generated on sites is sorted by type of origin and class of hazard with further utilization;
  • Regularly quarry water inspection on the mixture of dissolved substances and microparticles the content of which should not exceed the norm;
  • System monitoring of radionuclide concentration in the mined rock and finished products, etc.;
  • In operations of Lafarge Ukraine enterprises technical solutions to automate manufacturing processes and minimize CO2 and other chemicals emissions into the environment are applied. 


Manufacturing process management is performed in strict compliance with national environmental regulatory requirements.

Greenhouse at Klesiv Aggregates Quarry “Technobud” where vegetables and herbs are raised for the works canteen

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Health and safety

H&S Excellence Club

Safety is a top priority for Lafarge in Ukraine as it is for Lafarge worldwide.

A stringent safety policy is in place to promote a culture of safety and establish Lafarge as one of the world's safest companies.

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