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Health & Safety

Health and safety are absolute priorities for Lafarge. The Group has implemented a stringent safety policy for its employees and contractors. It also implements public health programs that benefit both employees and local communities.

Safety is the first priority

Health and safety represent the highest values, higher even than the product cost and sales. The safety and healthcare of employees is priority number one at the Lafarge Group. The company aims to eliminate dangerous work situations and effectively prevent injuries at work.


Strict compliance with all Security provisions and Safety rules, as approved by Lafarge Group senior management and signed with its employees all around the world, is required from each employee and contractor.


To ensure that employees and contractors enjoy safe and healthy conditions for work, Lafarge in Ukraine has introduced corporate standards for work safety and invested in upgrading equipment in the workplace and restoring infrastructure in enterprises and beyond.


Incorporating Lafarge priorities has enhanced the requirements for work safety. The company has introduced a range of standards and advisories such as Working At Height (WAH) Standard, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Standard, Contractor Safety Management Standard (CSM) , Energy Isolation (EI) Standard, Working Safely Around Bulk Material Conveying Systems Advisory, Working Safely Around Stockpiles and Surge Piles. It has also developed accompanying advisories for mobile equipment, logistics, transportation of people and more.


To develop a culture of safe behaviour among employees and contractors, Lafarge has introduced at its sites a special safety audit system called Visual Felt Leadership. Lafarge enterprise management conducts these audits. By speaking directly to plant workers, managers indicate that health and safety is of the highest priority at Lafarge group. Naturally, violations of technical safety and methods for eliminating them are determined during these inspections.


In addition, the best safety practices, adopted from different Lafarge plants around the world, are constantly under review, as well as their potential implementation and adaptation to Ukrainian reality and conditions. Information about production accidents is disseminated at all group enterprises. This is done in order to analyze this information in workplaces and so that such accidents can be eliminated from other plants.


Education courses and work safety seminars take place regularly for employees, all of whom receive special individual and group protective equipment.

Safety on the road. Open Day at Klesiv aggregates site

Health and safety

All Lafarge employees are committed to respecting certain rules to ensure the highest levels of health and safety.


Musical lesson on the Road Safety

Means of preventing work illnesses and injuries

As a part of its steady development strategy, Lafarge is working on a comprehensive program of industrial work hygiene, including medical check-ups for all workers on a regular basis.

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Health and safety

H&S Excellence Club

Safety is a top priority for Lafarge in Ukraine as it is for Lafarge worldwide.

A stringent safety policy is in place to promote a culture of safety and establish Lafarge as one of the world's safest companies.

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