Sustainable Development
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Sustainability Ambitions



Sustainable development, social progress, environmental protection: these concerns have been at the heart of Lafarge's strategy since its inception, 180 years ago and is an integral part of its vision and day-to-day activities.



Lafarge Group’s Sustainability Ambitions 2020

The Group's goal is to help every human being, regardless of income, culture or geography, to obtain better quality housing at a cost the individual can afford. The Sustainability Ambitions 2020 will help Lafarge to make a net positive contribution to society.


This is not about philanthropy: it's about defining the Group's role towards society while at the same time creating value for shareholders, customers, employees and communities.


Lafarge operations aim to optimize the use of natural resources and protect the environment. 


The Group wants to be among the leading companies in terms of health and safety, to promote diversity and human rights, to implement strict rules for governance, and to engage in comprehensive and transparent dialogue with its stakeholders.


Sustainability Ambitions 2020 is Lafarge's commitment to future generations.


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Health and safety

H&S Excellence Club

Safety is a top priority for Lafarge in Ukraine as it is for Lafarge worldwide.

A stringent safety policy is in place to promote a culture of safety and establish Lafarge as one of the world's safest companies.

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