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As the largest producer of aggregates on the Ukrainian market, Lafarge in Ukraine ensures the high quality of its product.

The production of the Lafarge enterprises in Ukraine is granite and gravel aggregates, building sand that are certified in Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.


The most part of the ready product is sold to consumers in Russia, Belarus, Poland and the Baltic countries.


The site products possess certificates of conformity from the State Standardization System of Ukraine (SSSU), all necessary quality certificates and are allowed for use in residential and industrial construction, as well as in road construction.


Manufactured aggregates have low flakiness, a cubic shape, high frost resistance and solidity and a low radioactivity level.


All production sites that belong to Lafarge in Ukraine are equipped with a quality control laboratory. The product is subject to quality control at all production stages.


Quality control of the ready product is conducted in order to verify its conformity with the requirements of state standards. The ready product quality is ensured via regular control over the width of the crushers unloading gaps and the sizes of the cells of the screen sieves. It is also ensured by taking probes of aggregates of different fractions.


The product quality monitoring is carried out by the employees from the Quality Department at sites.


Another indication of the product quality is that Lafarge in Ukraine has a certificate for the quality management system ISO 9001.


The enterprises are equipped with machinery from the world leading producers, which allows for producing aggregate of various fractions of the highest quality.


Granite sand is a small fraction of aggregates

Aggregates samples of different size from Klesiv quarry

Aggregates is widely used in road construction

Aggregates is widely used in bridge construction

The materials produced by the enterprises of Lafarge Aggregates Ukraine Business Line are being used in preparations for Euro-2012. Their aggregates are being supplied for the construction of the Kyiv-Lviv, Kyiv-Odessa, Kyiv-Kovel-Warsaw, Kyiv-Zhytomir, Rivne-Lviv and Lviv-Krakowec (Poland) highways, as well as for the construction of route A4 in Poland.

In addition, these aggregates from the sites are being used to build the stadium and airport in Lviv and to develop the Svyato-Uspenskaya Pochaiv Lavra.

Incidentally, at the end of the 1960s, in a product study by a Moscow scientific research institute, Klesiv quarry stone was determined to be the best in terms of its physical and mechanical characteristics. It was used to build the Ostankino TV tower. In the 1990s, aggregates from the Klesiv granite quarry were used to build the Moscow subway and St. Vasil's Cathedral. The quarry product was also used to make concrete to build Russian Vnukovo Airport.

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High quality product

Being one of the biggest aggregates producers in the Ukrainian market Lafarge in Ukraine ensures the high quality of its product.

Aggregates from the sites possess conformity certificates according to the State Standardization System of Ukraine (ДСТУ), all required passports of quality and are permitted for use in residential, industrial and road construction.

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