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Koschiivka Granite Quarry

The site develops Koschiivka granite deposit located in Fastiv district of Kyiv region


Areas of activity:


  • Quarrying, processing and output of mineral resources (granite, aggregate production);
  • Drilling and mining works.


The enterprise has obtained the following permitting documentation: a special permit (license) for development of the subsurface area, mining and land allotment documents, and authorization to proceed hazardous operations.


The industrial development of Koschiivka deposit began in order to create a raw material base for the permanent aggregates-processing plant, which has a capacity ranging from 350 thousand m3 to 1 million m3.


The area of the mining field is 40,1 ha. The projected area of the mining allotment is 52,9 hectares.


As of the 1st January 2013 the remaining mineral volume of the overall deposit in all surveying categories (A+B+C1) is 17 586  thousand m3.

To develop this deposit, major assets were invested in the new equipment made by such known brands as Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Volvo and Budkrusz, as well as in additional surveying of the deposit. The most up-to-date, high-tech solutions for organizing, managing and controlling the technological process have been implemented.


Production facility at Koschiivka processing plant

Koschiivka quarry production

has a conformity certificate according to the State Standardization System of Ukraine (ДСТУ) and is permitted for use in residential, industrial and road construction. The site is equipped with a quality control laboratory.

Koschiivka granite deposit

is the largest in Kyiv region, located in Fastiv district of Kyiv region, 1 km to the southwest of Koschiivka village

Mining operations in Koschiivka granite quarry

At the beginning of its manufacturing activity the quarry product was specified for residential and road construction companies within Kiev region. The increase in demand for construction materials is stimulating industrial development of Koschiivka granite quarry and allows decreasing of high quality construction aggregates deficit in Kiev region.


Today Lafarge aggregates from Koschiivka quarry are also shipped to Russia. Aggregates delivered mainly by trucks (Volvo Fm trucks) and rail from the Fastiv railway station (Southwestern Railway).


In 2012  792,638  tons of aggregate products were sold.


Currently the enterprise is gaining its production capacity and winning a rightful place in the Ukrainian aggregates market.

The development of Koschiivka granite deposit represents an open-pit mining in accordance with 0.00-1.24-10 "Safety Regulations for Open-pit Mining Activity".This type of mining is approved by the Development project for the Koschiivka granite deposit, which includes chapters on Safety and Environmental protection rules.


The site has production (Sandvik aggregates processing plant) and technological services. The key operations stipulated by the manufacturing scheme of granite processing at Koschiivka deposit are: crushing, sorting (screening) into different aggregate production sizes.

The aggregates processing plant, with a capacity of 800 thousand tons of finished product annually, consists of mined rock crushing workshop, sorting section, interim storage for 0-200 aggregate size and finished product storage.


The I, II and III crushing and sorting sections were developed by the Sandvik engineer- construction company in accordance with the manufacturing scheme.
The Budkrusz engineer-construction company (Poland) has developed conveyors for the aggregates processing plant.


All processing equipment is installed on the open area.


The enterprise works in three shifts. Preventive inspection and operational equipment maintenance are made in the first shift.


The plant employs a little more than 100 people.

Conveyor belt at the crushing-sorting plant of Koschiivka quarry

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