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Klesiv Aggregates Quarry "Technobud"

Klesiv Aggregates Quarry "Technobud" is currently one of the leaders in the Ukrainian mining industry


The site is based on Klesiv VI granite deposit.

Areas of activity:

  • Extraction, processing and output of minerals (granites, aggregates);
  • Survey and development of minerals deposits;
  • Drilling and blasting works for mineral extraction;
  • Mining operations, including blasting.


The area of land allotment under the quarry and processing plant is 137,0 hectares. The area of the mining allotment is 140,93 hectares.


As of the 1st January 2013 the remaining mineral volume of the overall deposit in all surveying categories (A+B+C1) is 94 946,0 thousand m3.

Exportation of rock mass with dumb trucks

Klesiv quarry production

is cubic-shaped aggregates certified in Ukraine, Poland and Russia. Most aggregates are sold to consumers in Russia, Belarus, Poland and the Baltic countries.
In 2012 the enterprise sold 3 692 737 tons of aggregate products


Klesiv 6th granite deposit

is situated in Klesiv, Sarny district, Rivne province.

Shipment of aggregates in railway wagons

The site has properly drafted and approved documents: a special permit (license) for development of the subsurface area with expanding confines of an earlier-provided subsoil plot (register № 2505 from August 10, 2001); mining and land allotment documents; permits for conducting drilling and blasting operations, for storing explosives, for geological surveillance; technical, accounting and revision documents (projects, passports, schemes etc.).


Klesiv VIth granite deposit represents an open-pit mining in accordance with 0.00-1.24-10 "Safety Regulations for Open-pit Mining Activity". This type of mining approved by the Development project, which includes chapters on Safety and Environmental protection rules.


Aggregates are shipped to consumers mainly by rail from the Klesiv railway station (Lviv railroad). The product undergoes quality control at all manufacture stages.


The plant also has ISO 9001:2009 Certificate (Quality Management System) that conforms to the State Standards requirements for producing aggregates, materials made of siftings from crushed granite and aggregate-sand mixture.


The facility consists of six workshops, in particular:

  • mining;
  • crushing and sorting;
  • transport;
  • railway;
  • electrical;
  • maintenance.

The enterprise also has administration, repair and construction, repair-restoration, drilling and blasting sectors.


The site currently employs more than 500 people, who work in three shifts. Preventive inspection and operational equipment maintenance are made in the first shift.


Continuous production modernization allowed increasing significantly the estimated capacity from 2 to 4 million tons of aggregates a year. Modernization is performed with the help of world's leading equipment in mining industry. The technical base is constantly updated. The company uses Swedish loaders and drilling machines and other machinery made by foreign manufacturers.


All processing equipment is installed in enclosed premises and has ventilation systems.
Mining operations and aggregates production do not considerably impact the environment. The processes are not associated with a significant air deterioration or emission of toxic elements.




All processing equipment is set indoors in Klesiv aggregates plant

Employees of Klesiv quarry "Technobud"

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